So here is my new video about sizzy, i really hope you all like it asdfghj :) 

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I'm watching the mortal instruments and I'm sick of people telling me its not a good movie. It is different from the book but its still a good movie. Jamie did a really well job as jace. I'm just tired of people saying its bad. Hopefully we can get our city of ashes. :)

I think it’s a poor adaptation of the book but I like the movie in its own away apart from the book. I like the cast. But everyone has their own opinions, there’s people that hate it and there’s people that like it and I think it’s best to respect everyone’s opinions. :)

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If I come off anon would you follow me back or no?

This is a sideblog so we can’t follow anyone back. Sideblogs can’t follow blogs like primary blogs can, I’m sorry!

Fan Book for Cassandra Clare


I’m meeting Cassandra Clare in October and I thought making a fan book for her would be a great idea. For anyone who can’t meet her or hasn’t got the chance to yet, I’ll be giving her a book filled with your messages and edits for her to enjoy. These can be of any length or description, as long as…

Message her if you’re interested!

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