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frenchcourt made me choose: tessa gray or clary fray

It is not easy to be different, and even less so to be unique. But I begin to think I was never meant for an easy road.

make me choose: → magnus bane or alec lightwood? (asked by clarissassfray)

He smelled of salt and blood, and only when his mouth came close to her ear did she understand what he was saying, and it was the simplest litany of all: her name, just her name.

Lily Collins + Instagram/WhoSay

“…because in the end this was never the great love story of Tessa and Will (though they have a great love) or Tessa and Jem (though they have a great love) or even Will and Jem (though they have a great love) but the love of Tessa, Will and Jem. The three of them. They are and will always be, a triad. - Cassandra Clare